Tara’s House is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an “all-breed” dog rescue.  Our mission is to rescue and provide care and compassion for our pets while working to place them in permanent, loving homes.  Tara’s House has a dual approach to rescuing companion animals:  1) we rescue from many local Maryland shelters, where we focus primarily on rescuing the “harder to place” dogs, such as those that are older, injured, or those that suffer from unwarranted breed discrimination; and 2) we rescue all breeds of dogs from high-kill shelters in rural areas with little to no funding for their own adoption programs.

At Tara’s House, our adoption program provides our pets with the love, vet care and, if needed, professional behavior modification that they need to thrive.  Through our adoption committee process, we find our pets forever homes.  We receive no government funding; we operate solely on private donations and volunteer efforts.  Our team of volunteers is dedicated to helping those pets that we can, and to making a positive impact in the life of each pet we rescue.

We are preparing to launch the Tara’s House Community Outreach Division – more information coming soon!

Featured Pet:  Kingsley













Kingsley is a 4 year old bulldog/hound mix. He is an wonderful boy!  He always has a smile on his face, and is adorably inquisitive. While Kingsley loves the company of his humans, he is also independent, and doesn’t mind just hanging out on his own.  He is silly and playful, and carries his favorite ball around with him everywhere.  He has even taught himself how to play fetch all by himself, by nudging the ball far enough across the yard or room, and then chasing after it. Kingsley is pretty low key and after a little bit of exercise, he is ready for a nap! While in his foster home, he is learning basic commands. He is crate trained and will let you know when he needs to be let outside to go to the bathroom. Kingsley would do best in a quiet, calmer home, with no small children. He is friendly towards other dogs, but would prefer any doggy siblings to be calm (seniors?).

Kingsley’s adoption donation fee is $280, which includes spay/neuter, routine vetting and a microchip.  You can apply for Kingsley by filling out our online application, which is found on our website www.tarashouse.net or www.tarashouse.org.  Please email us at info@tarashouse.net with any questions.


Tara’s House has been accepted as a Rescue Rewards recipient by anactofdog.org.  This great organization is bringing awareness to the many shelter dogs that are unfairly euthanized each day. Please check out their web site and consider purchasing one of their great prints or nightlights!  www.anactofdog.org 

“Every product saves a shelter animal!  When you make a purchase,  100% of the proceeds goes to the 100 rescue organizations in our partner program (from all 50 states) and distribute funds to them twice a year. It’s dog art with heart!”

Please click on the picture below to read about this great organization!!


Stunning Art Project shines light on the 5,500 dogs euthanized each day
Through beautiful art, a museum wants capture the dire plight of shelter dogs.